AKGas Pressurized Cartridge Kit - Traxxion Dynamics

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AK-Gas Cartridge Kit

Traxxion Dynamics is proud to announce the public release of the worlds first and only gas-charged Supersport Legal fork cartridge set, dubbed the AK-Gas Cartridge System. The new kit will bolt into stock inverted motorcycle fork casings, using the stock bottom bolts, and the stock fork caps, making it legal in virtually every racing organization, all over the world. There are several distinct advantages to a gas pressurized damper when compared to a convention open bath styled fork cartridge. An open bath fork cartridge pumps oil into and out of itself from the main body of the fork. There is a great deal of contamination in the oil, such as Teflon from the bushings, spring steel flaking off of the spring, aluminum from screwing the cap onto the steel tube, and then general oxidation contamination from all of the parts rubbing together. All of this contamination from the main body of the fork is then circulated into the sensitive valving of the damping unit. Invariably, it manages to get stuck in the valving shims resulting in a loss of damping force, and frequent maintenance to maintain top performance. As far as the performance itself, an open bath cartridge is constantly blending tiny air bubbles into the oil and a loss of damping force results over the course of a race. More air equals more fade. Also, there is a noticeable change in damping force as the fluid warms. All damping units used in motorcycle roadracing are velocity dependent. That means they have to be moving in order to create any damping force. Each time the wheel stops moving and has to go the opposite direction, it has no damping force. If the wheel doesnt move far enough to build damping force before it is stopped again and asked to move in the opposite direction, it can spend a fair amount of time with very little, if any force at all controlling the wheel. The biggest drawback to an open bath cartridge is the cavitation that results over sharp bumps, ripple bumps, and braking zone stutter bumps. Since the oil is not under any pressure, it is very easy for a sharp bump to move the wheel at a speed that the damping unit cannot react to. When this happens, an internal vacuum in the cartridge forms creating havoc for wheel control, which results in a loss of traction. Gas-charged damping units are assembled, bled free of air, and then pressurized. They become a sealed environment that contamination cannot enter. Since the oil is under pressure, it doesnt foam, and cavitation is completely eliminated. As a result, damping force remains consistent over the course of a race. The result in performance are tremendous. Since pressurized damping units offer more instantaneous damping force, greater wheel control gives the rider dramatically improved feedback from the tire. Since cavitation over bumps is eliminated, most riders are shocked to find that the bumps are gone not just diminished gone. All of these factors combine to improve rider confidence and control. This beyond question, lowers lap time. Each Axxion Gas Cartridge Kit will include one pair of Axxion Gas Charged Cartridges, Springs matched to the riders weight, two quarts of fork oil, one free complete forks disassembly/inspection, and elite service package. The elite service package includes answering questions you may have about the front end set up, valving changes if needed, and taking care of any service issues that may arise in the first year.

Manufacturer Part Number: AKGAS
Stock # AKGAS
Price: $1,999.95
AK-Gas Cartridge Kit
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