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Bitubo Shocks, HD003WME, 300mm (11.8")

Traxxion Dynamics is proud to offer Bitubo Shocks for most Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.  The WME line of shocks from Bitubo are adjustable for Spring Preload and Rebound Damping.  The shocks do not have a resi so installation is straight forward and easy.  We stock two different lengths 300mm (11 3/4") and 330mm (13") so you can choose the look and ride you want. 

The Bitubo shocks are custom fit with the appropriate spring for the rider's weight, passenger's weight, luggage, and how you are using the motorcycle.  The Bitubo shocks will give you a more comfortable ride, reduce bottoming over bumps, and give you a more controlled feeling.  They are an excellent complement to our AK-20 Cartridges for the front but can be used with OEM or any combination of upgrades on the front.

While we try very hard to keep all popular shocks in stock sometimes we do need to order from Italy.  For this reason please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Manufacturer Part Number: BIT-S-HD003WME
Stock # BIT-S-HD003WME
Price: $549.95
Bitubo Shocks, HD003WME, 300mm (11.8")
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Excellent Ride Quality and Performance
Submitted by MF on
I purchased these for my 2015 Harley Ultra Limited after trying many other shocks of similar, short length. 300mm or 11.8 I tried every major brand to find a shock that offered a smooth and comfortable, yet performance ride in a low version for my short legs and finally found it with this Bitubo rear shock. The first time I rode them I knew something was vastly different but when I started to push them in the turns I was smiling from ear to ear. Amazing handling! Controlled comfort, Finally. After years of having to compromise I no longer have to choose between reaching the ground comfortably or having a comfortable ride. Great adjustability and easy to install. I went with a lighter spring for a 160lb rider and my 105lb passenger and it took a few more weeks to get but so well worth it to have everything dialed in just right. I may be a light weight but I ride hard and aggressive so any old pair of short length shocks wouldnt do, believe me Ive tried enough of them. So happy to have found these that I just had to tell the rest of the world and especially the other shorter legged riders out there still looking for a better ride.