Goldwing Financing Program - Traxxion Dynamics

Goldwing Financing Program

*Complete Packages Only "Full Monty" is $2849.95!
"Mega Monty" adds the Traxx-Rite Billet Triple Clamp, $3300.

*Sorry, No Partial Package Financing Allowed

  • AK-20 Axxion Cartridge Kit
  • Traxxion Dynamics “Omni” Fork Spring Kit
  • Rebound Adjustable Fork Caps
  • Fork Seals
  • Inner and Outer Fork Bushings as required
  • Fork Brace with Bug Guards
  • Labor to Remove and Install Front Forks
  • Labor to Rebuild Forks and Install Fork Kit
  • "All Balls” Brand Tapered Roller Steering Head Bearings
  • Labor to Remove and Install Steering Bearings
  • Traxxion Dynamics’ Rear Shock Absorber and Spring Kit
  • Traxxion Dynamics’ Braided Stainless Steel Shock Hose
  • Labor to Remove Shock, Rebuild Remote Adjuster, Install Hose, and Reinstall

**Local Sales Tax may apply.
Download the required documents from the link below:

Finance Package Documents

Instructions for completing and submitting forms

Launch Adobe Acrobat Readerapplication (Download the latest version of Adobe Reader free from and open the downloaded PDF files or simply double-click on the downloaded file to open it.
Check if the fields to complete are highlighted on the form. If the fields are not highlighted, click the option, "Highlight form fields" in the top toolbar (located at the top of the document window, below the top menu bar of the application.
Click the first form field to select it and type the desired information ("Name").
Press the "Tab" button to move to the next form field or click the next form field to select it. Type the desired information ("Address").
Check if a special format is required for a form field, such as date, social security number or telephone number where the information must be entered in a specific sequence. Please fill out all required information on all forms so that your application can be processed smoothly.
Traxxion Dynamics financing program forms are processed automatically through the "Submit" button via your email account. Alternatively, you may click the "Print" button to print out your completed form.You may then fax it to us at 770.517.9332.