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GL1800 Brake Pads

These pads are derived from a high performance endurance racing pad compound. Outright stopping power is greatly improved, brake dust is greatly reduced, and these pads will not cause premature rotor wear. The stock brakes work very good to a point, but when you continue to pull harder on the brakes, they don't stop any harder. These pads are very linear and will continue to stop the bike harder (until your ABS comes on, if your bike is so equipped).

Pads are sold per caliper.  It takes two cards to do the front and one card for the rear.

(Note: If you can already "skid" your front tire, and feel you don't need better brakes, it's because you have over inflated your front tire... most likely to 40 psi or more.  Let the tire pressure down between 32 and 36 psi and your ride quality, safety, and grip will be dramatically increased!  Penny-pinching Wingers will tell you to put this much air in your tire to stop cupping DO NOT compromise your safety to save a few bucks on tires!!!)


Buy the Vesrah Kit (2) Front Pads and (1) Rear Pad and save!!!

Price: $49.95
GL1800 Brake Pads
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Product Reviews

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No rear "shudder" with these
Submitted by pidjones on
Although the fronts are great, it is the rear set that really shines above the OEMs. I had mild shudder with the original Honda shoes. Switched to these Vesrah pads all-around for next set and the shudder was gone! Decided it was time to change again at 100k and put on Honda pads. MISTAKE! The fronts are Ok, but the shudder is back, and big time. Im calling today to order a st of Vesrah rears to replace Honda pads with about 1k on them.
Updated on Vesrah Front Pads
Submitted by Solidbob on
Having been thru the first set of these my mileage to next pad change is close to 35 - 40K now and they still function like the day I put them on.. Great Pads especially pulling a trailer!!!
Best Pads Ever
Submitted by Bill on
Ive been using these pads for years now and tow a large trailer with the wifey on the back, and these pads have always stop us in a hurry flawlessly every time. So if you need the best brake pads well here they are.
Work Great
Submitted by Solidbob on
Have been using these pads for a number of years with great success. Seem to average approx. 24K on the fronts on my GL 1800 Roadsmith Trike with great stopping power, even with our trailer. They match up very well with the EBC Yellowstuff I put on the rear discs. I do still run 41 PSI in my MPA though with no ill effects as the Trike stops fast now.. youll love them!!