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Check out these testimonials from our Goldwing Customers!


  First Name: Robert 

Just wanted to let you guys know that I started by have the rear of my Goldwing suspension changed due to my wife complaining about back problems. She noticed the difference right away and was able to continue riding with me. Last year I did the front. Wanted to get a few mile on the bike before I wrote to you guys. What a difference. Had the work done by Mark in Lake George Ny as this is closest to my home. Was a bit pricey due to the exchange rate but well worth the investment. The bike feels like my car, especially here in Quebec where the roads are quite rough and in bad condition. My wife and I enjoy it so much more.

Thank you

had the front, back and triple billet clamp set put on.  

  Year, Make, Model: 2013 Goldwing Airbag 

  Rider/Passenger Weight: 450 total wife and me 

    First Name: Thomas 

   Question: WOW!! What a difference. Handling and ride is smooth and comfortable.

Before the upgrade I would ride for a couple of hours and my kidneys would be sore and I couldn't figure our why. I was going to get rid if the Wing and then found out about Traxxion's system. I had it installed in May and found new confidence in the bike and my kidneys don't scream anymore. Thanks Traxxion! 

  Year, Make, Model: 2002 Honda Gold Wing 

Hello Kathy,

    I've been able to put about 2000 miles on the bike since the install and I thought I would let you guys know what I thought. My initial impression in the parking lot was great, the 40 mph head shake was gone immediately ( I run the Metzler tire that I know you've had problems with and the head shake was REALLY bad before the upgrade). the staff at the shop was great, Kathy always checking on me to make sure I was doing ok in the waiting room and offering to bring me lunch after she ran to the bank. And also Brian in the shop answering all my questions and helping me get the bike dialed in how I wanted it. after the install I left the shop and headed straight for the mountain roads. the suspension performed beyond my expectations. my ground clearance was improved thus giving me more lean angle and improved stability in the tight corners. No more bottoming out in the tight corners which was a big problem for me in the past. I spent about 1000 mile chasing sport bikes ( and passing a few ) on the Dragon in TN/NC and loved the improvements. on the 450 mile ride back to Ohio I noticed on the highway that the harsh bumps where gone. The suspension just seemed to soak them up like they weren't there at all. this Is a benefit that I didn't expect to be honest. I only got the suspension for the more aggressive riding that I do but was pleasantly surprised at the highway riding also. I am very happy with every aspect of the install and the system and have recommended you guys to several other wingers that I ride with. ive attached a couple photos. Thanks again



Kathy, Max, and the rest of the crew, Had the mega monty installed on 4-13-16. First off let me say the manner that my wife and I were treated was top notch . After many days on the road it was nice to just relax in the break room . Secondly, I regret not getting the names of the techs working on my goldwing because the speed that they worked was amazing . Thanks guys. Now for the ride, while my bike only had ~2300 miles or so, there was a noticeable difference in the ride. My steering was 'tighter', maybe the steering head bearings were torqued more than stock, I don't know; but it was nice . As soon as we hit the road I noticed that the bike ran smoother down the road. I left Woodstock and headed up to the tail of the dragon in NC. Wow! The wing did its job flawlessly. My previous stock suspension had been very soft. So bad that I had scraped my exhaust heat shields on an exit ramp in Kansas. On the dragon however, I laid her into the switchbacks only dragging a little peg. The front end didn't dive or wash out. This bike rides like my old FJR1300, which is frigging awesome. It's a shame Honda couldn't just build it like this from the get go. Then again...I wouldn't have met you guys and had this great experience. I recommend it, I am a believer. Thanks so much. Oh, could you guys put some of your bottle openers on your website? I'd like to pick up a couple extra. ---Jason

  Year, Make, Model: 2015, Honda,GL1800

Hi Kathy,

My apologies for the delay in reporting the feedback on my experience w/ the new Traxxion suspension system install. I wanted to get a few thousand miles for a thorough experience, not just an initial, superficial reaction (although that was good too!):


Make/ Model: 2010 Honda GL1800 Goldwing (GW) w/ Centramatic balancers

Mileage at install: ~ 74k mi

Mileage as of this feedback: ~ 79k+ (over 3.5 months)

Suspension: Full Monty install


·        175# rider

·        Mod- aggressive riding style

·        In-frequent passenger

·        Frequent baggage/ load adder: ~ 60#


It’s difficult to know where to start. The performance results for the bike were so dramatic, in every area of known weakness of the GW, it was painful thinking about all the missed opportunities in 74k mi to truly enjoy the capabilities of this cycle. The ride back to TX post install was awesome (understatement), even w/ tires that were already worn under the stock suspension. I installed new tires upon return & the ride was even better, but wanted to get miles on new tires whereas in most cases, new tires improve the ride experience…initially. Here are the areas of performance that were dramatically improved:

·        Overall ride- smooth as butter:

o   Straight hwy (slower & high speeds)- bike is more confident in how it handles road variations; stays true to path (could guide handlebars w/ finger tips)

o   Cornering- what can I say to describe the feeling?? The bike leads into the turn vs having to be led; stays firm throughout the arc & stays true, more connected to the road, no hesitation. Can now enter & exit the turns at more than 10-15 MPH faster than before w/ confidence.

o   Stopping: no dive anymore- very solid braking & more control

o   Bumps/ road hazards: bike ‘steps’ over the bumps vs feeling them jammed into my wrists & should sockets J

·        High speed (85+): previously  experienced a front end vibration or harmonics at 90 MPH+- it’s now completely gone

·        Front end wobble (GWs are notorious for this at 35-45 MPH, especially when slowing down): GONE!

·        Tire wear: after 5-10k mi, tires previously developed cupping issues, even w/ Centramatic balancers. After 5k+ mi on new tires- ZERO cupping, minimal tread wear.

·        Tight turn radius: bike handles tighter turn radii than before; eg, the figure 8 box for the MSF rider test

·        Rear Suspension settings: previously ran at 18 unloaded/ 25 loaded; now run settings at 7 unloaded/ 12-15 when aggressive cornering/ 15-18 when fully loaded. I can actually see the bike raise & lower throughout the range of GW settings.


I can say this is, unequivocally, the best investment in a bike anyone can make. It is truly eye-opening & inspiring to be able to enjoy the full performance spectrum this bike offers. I pity those who ‘think’ they’re getting a great ride, but never experience a truly ‘great’ ride. Thanks to all the techs who patiently & kindly answered all my questions, plus showed me what & why they were performing certain adjustments (the engr in me). Everyone at Traxxion were first class! I can’t say enough about your company & product to all the riders, even non-wingers, I encounter. Ride safe out there!


PS Give Brian my apologies for all the ants that decided to infest my Wing overnight while in Huntsville AL for Wing-Ding- that was a first & amazing in itself J


Best regards,

Scott Stroud


And Traxxion gang WOW! Feels like I am riding a new bike only better. I visited your shop for my 9:30AM appointment on 5/9/2015 to have you’re Triple Clamp installed on my 2004 Goldwing. Back in 5/25/2007 I visited your shop and had both front AK-20’s installed and Rear shock installed along with your brace. You know the fork brace you had just created to answer the Super-brace. Not sure if you’re Traxx-Rite Billet Triple Clamp was created at that time. Upon leaving the shop I immediately discovered what a difference in riding, handling and response the frontend had. I am riding a more enjoyable motorcycle where all shimmy in the front end has been removed while traveling at interstate speeds, :-]. I only wish I would have gone full MONTY back in 2007. Your Traxxion suspension is fantastic. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great ride before but it was truly missing something. Something I was not aware of at that time only because a person becomes used to the ride. I am also thankful for your entrepreneurial spirit and because you saw a need and build it. Thank you again.

Kevin P. McCoy

-----Original Message-----

Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2014 6:20 PM


Subject: Contact Us Submitted

Contact Name: Chet D                                                                   

Comments or Questions: Just like to thank Dan for the help on the springs for my 2007 Honda Goldwing.  I took out the Progressive monotubes and installed the 1.1 springs.  The bike handles now like it

should.   Thanks again.  Chet

Hi John- (Our installer at Southwest Suspension)

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the new Traxxion Dynamics
suspension and with your install.   Appreciate it very much.  I've done over
600 miles both solo and two-up and it feels great!  The difference is really
like 'night and day'.   A person can easily get nervous spending that much money… wondering if the difference will be noticeable, and if it will be worth the money. 
I can tell you for a fact that it IS worth the money and you would have to be dead not to tell the difference!!!

Thanks again and put me on the list of satisfied customers.


Hi Max-

Did another 200 miles of nice sweeping corners after work yesterday.  Just really enjoy the feel now...riding is a lot more 'fun'.  I have to keep reminding myself that this toy weighs in at a hefty 1000lb and even though it feels really nimble and quick handling since Traxxionized, a hiccup at 85 or 90 when leaned way over would not be pretty.  Have been slowly doing 'envelope expansion' on the bike to see how far (with my skills) I am capable of pushing the bike.  Already had to remove the aftermarket 'highway pegs' because they were touching down way to often......

Thanks again for a great product....


Subject: It couldn't be real but it is!


            I didn’t have to put 200 miles on the bike after the modification you’ve done to feel the difference. It was unbelievable! I have try it on:

  1. Wind shear while going against an 18 wheeler: usually everything wobbled, shook and erratic but not this time.

  2. Riding beside the 18 wheeler: I can feel the air mass displacement but not to the point of feeling uncomfortable with a shaky handlebars.

  3. Behind the 18 wheeler: Before the modification, the air turbulence behind the trucks makes for a very unstable ride(bike shakes, handlebars shaking out of synch from the bike’s body). Guess what? Not anymore. I feel the turbulence but with the whole bike and me and the passenger synchronized and very STABLE.

  4. Counter steering at high speed:  ~ 100 mph I executed an evasive maneuver (left then right) and the steering responded on time on both counts. It was very impressive. It never accomplished that before. It was about a couple of hundred feet before I could see any reaction.

  5. Quick responses on curves: Quickest response I’ve ever experienced! And mind you, I’m only an average rider.

  6. Parking lot speeds: At the lowest speed, barely inching the steering response was most excellent!

  7. And last but not the least: Excellent ride, I felt going over the bumps, pot holes but I wasn’t jolted; my wife loves the rides now even better!

Honestly, it never crossed my mind that your suspension would really make me want to ride more and often. I can’t get enough of the excellent ride you’ve provided for me. Didn’t even know that excellent rides existed. It was/ it is worth every penny spent, the only regret I have is: I wished I came to grips with it sooner enough and took action. I strongly suggest it to anyone owning a Gold Wing so they can Love it even more.


Chikh F.


South Carolina



            It was really nice meeting you and Kathy.


From:    Robert------

Sent:     Tuesday, October 02, 2006

To:        Max McAllister, Mike Hardy

Subject: Feedback


Let me begin with that I am still amazed at the difference.   The trip we went on was to the Hill Country about 1200 miles. 

What was amazing to me was when we started out, the first thing my wife said was “boy your shocks on the bike were bad before huh” Some of the more noticeable differences are the ride in the bike is more comfortable, this is what my wife noticed the most, for a passenger to notice the difference goes to something about the Traxxion kit (wife happy everybody is happy).  

 Also in cornering in the twisting with two-up, I was quite amazed at the performance level and the wife did not complain about the speed, that right there told me she was a lot more comfortable and confident in the bike simply because it did not bounce around or shake like it did before.  I do believe the bike handles better now then when it was new.  It also tracks better before it use to wonder a bit. 

You guys should sell them to Honda.  

I also got new tires installed too; I suspect the mileage will be better.  I have been averaging about 6000 to 8000 on the rear tire and it would start cupping.  I think the bad shock may have the problem.  Some of the people I rode with rode the bike and where really impressed, I mailed the rear shock today and you should receive it on Wednesday. 




Thank you

Robert C.

From:   Phil ------

Sent:    Monday, July 23, 2007

To:       Max McAllister


Good Morning Max,

   Just wanted to update you on my experience with your Traxxion Suspension upgrade.  It’s now been one month since I had your system put on at JBJ cycle in Santa Ana, and close to 2000 miles.  All I can say is FANTASTIC!!! The ride is so much better than I ever thought possible and I think my wife is even more impressed than I am, the first thing she said when we rode is that “it feels like we’re gliding on air as we ride down the road” she has talked to several other wife’s about the much improved ride.  I always tell the other men not to ride it unless they are ready to buy it.  Thanks again for the time to develop this great product.  We leave on our trip to Mt. Rushmore on Aug. 16th and I am really looking forward to feeling the difference while pulling our Escapade trailer. 

Thanks a lot Max, Have a great day, Phil



From:     Kirk -----

Sent:      Monday, April 30, 2007


Subject:  Thanks for the great service. 



Thanks to you and Max for the work you put into upgrading my GL 1800 last Friday.  I know Max was probably put through the wringer with four people out, but you guys got it done. 


The Traxxion modified suspension certainly lived up to my expectations, as we rode it through the mountains of North Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee on the next day.  We loaded it up, riding two-up and the trailer and it rode through the twisties like it was on rails.  The wife also appreciated the better handling of the bumps on the road.  We still need to experiment with setting the preload a little, but it is a great improvement in all aspects of riding. 

Mike, thanks for the suggestion for our shorter Friday afternoon ride out to the falls.  That was a really great route. 

You guys rock!!!

Kirk N.


From:      jb

Sent:        Tuesday, March 01, 2011

To:           Mike Hardy

Subject:   Fwd: Satisfied Customer


Hi John, 

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the new Traxxion Dynamics suspension and with your install.  Appreciate it very much...  I’ve done over 600 miles both solo and two-up and it feels great.  The difference is really like ‘night and day’.  A person gets nervous spending that much money and wondering if the difference will be noticeable and if it is worth the money and I can tell you for a fact that it is worth the money and you would have to be dead not to tell the difference…although it is not cheap. 

Thanks again and put me on the list of satisfied customers. 




From:     James -------

Sent:      Wednesday, March 09, 2011

To:         Mike Hardy

Subject:  Finally Got to Ride


Hi Mike,


After returning home, I finally got to ride the Wing for about an hour on Tuesday morning.  The difference is nothing less than magical. 


First off, it rides much better than it did before; the parkway near my home dates to the 1960’s and is paved with concrete aggregate, with expansion joints between the slabs.  At certain speeds, you will hit the next joint before the suspension has recovered form the last one; the bike used to undulate and “pogo”.  Now, you don’t even feel the expansion joints; the bike feels like its gliding.  I noticed a similar improvement over all sorts of potholes and bumps; what you feel has been greatly reduced and these impacts no longer upset the bike. 


Secondly, the improvement in everyday handling is amazing.  The bike is stable, doesn’t feel like it wants to fall over during slow-speed maneuvering.  The famous Gold Wing wobble is gone; also, the bike also used to weave as you slowed to stop (just a little, but this was annoying especially when crawling in traffic).  It doesn’t do that anymore either. 

Lastly, (and my main reason for the upgrade) this bike now flat-out handles.  It responds to steering inputs instantly, “holds the line” on its own (no impute required to maintain a lean angle) and runs right to the edge of the tires without complaint.  It feels like a sports bike.  I can see that I will be buying replacement foot pegs in bulk. 


The Traxxion ‘Wing can be described as capable, comfortable and confidence-inspiring. 


I look forward to getting more seat time and sharing my thoughts with you guys.  I will be more than happy to write an endorsement for you I the near future, if you would like me to.  Kudos to Max, Tony (who did my install) and the rest of the crew for an amazing product. 



Jim ------- 


From:     Marc -----

Sent:       Monday April, 11.2011


Subject:  Fantastic!


Hi Dan,


I have another bike now and never had so much fun riding the Wing!

The difference the shock suspension is unbelievable. 

The wobble (at 60km/h) is gone and I still have the old tires (Elite 3 17000kms, rear cupped, front ok)  the handling is far better without affecting the overall comfort of the bike (which I was a bit afraid of), stability corners is…I don’t find words for that.  It’s totally new fun to ride it; I don’t regret the time and money spent for that perfect result.  For the moment I don’t feel necessary to change the rear shock and or spring, I think that the balance is good so far, we will see if with mileage the rear needs to be upgraded too.  Thanks for your help and assistance and please pass on my regards to your Boss and all the Traxxion team for that amazing product.


Best Regards,



From:      Linda ------

Sent:       Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Subject:  Thank You


Max, we have one word for you and your staff, AWESOME!!!


You know, sometimes we have to be reminded what it is to be a true American.  Frank got the wake up call last Friday when you, Dan and Frank went to the funeral home and witnessed the turn out for Woodstock’s fallen soldier, Gary Nelson.  That touched him very deeply and an experience he shall never forget.  Like Dan told him, people should turn out like that for every soldier that comes home after being killed fighting for our country.  WE totally agree.


We rode the bike around 300 miles Sunday afternoon.  It was absolutely unreal.  It rides better now than it did when it was new.  Frank said handling of it was something he’s not experienced.  We are ready now for our Rushmore trip.  The couples we are going with will probably be really tired after riding 500 miles days to get there, but we’ll be ready to travel 500 more. 


Thank you again, Max.  It was so nice visiting with you, Tony, Lee, Dan and Kathy.  The bike didn’t move an inch after Tony strapped it down and we want to thank him for doing that for us also!!!


Linda & Frank -------

Roland, AR


From:       Chikh

Sent:         Thursday, July 14, 2011


Subject:    It couldn’t be real, but it is!



I didn’t have to put 200 miles on the bike after the modification you’ve done to feel the difference.  It was unbelievable! I have to try it on:


  1. Wind Shear while going against an 18 wheeler: usually everything wobbled, shook, and erratic but not this time.
  2. Riding beside the 18 wheeler: I can feel the air mass displacement but not to the point of feeling uncomfortable with a shaky handlebars.
  3. Behind the 18 wheeler: Before the modification, the air turbulence behind the trucks makes for a very unstable ride (bike shakes, handlebars shaking our of synch from the bike’s body). Guess what?  Not anymore.  I feel the turbulence but with the whole bike and me and the passenger synchronized and very STABLE. 
  4. Counter steering at high speed:  ~100 mph executed an evasive maneuver (left then right) and the steering responded on time on both counts.  It was very impressive.  It never accomplished that before.  It was about a couple of hundred feet before I could see any reaction. 
  5. Quick response on curves: Quickest response I’ve ever experienced! And mind you, I’m only an average rider. 
  6. Parking lots speeds: At the lowest speed, barely inching the steering response was most excellent!
  7. And last but not the least: Excellent ride, I felt going over the bumps, pot holes but I wasn’t jolted; my wife loves the rides now even better!

Honestly, it never crossed my mind that your suspension would really make me want to ride more and often.  I can’t get enough of the excellent ride you’ve provided for me.  Didn’t even know that excellent rides existed.  It was, it is worth every penny spent, the only regret I have is: I wished I came to grips with it sooner enough and took action.  I strongly suggest it to anyone owning a Gold Wing so they can Love It Even More!



Chikh ------


South Carolina


P.S. It was really nice meeting you and Kathy.  Regards.




From:          KO

Sent:           Tuesday, November 28, 2011


Subject:      Thanks from your fan


Hi Max,

I wanted to thank you and your team.  I got your suspension on my ’06 Goldwing back in 2009 and ’10 Goldwing this September.   A week ago, you guys fixed a leaky front suspension under warranty.  The problem was a very tiny hairline scratch.  I thought that this tiny scratch might be nothing related with your initial installation and it might be from other post-installation causes.  But you fixed it under warranty anyways.  I really appreciate it very much.


It was a kind of long trip from New York City but worth getting there to have your team to fix my bike.  I was very comfortable and in very good hands every time you were working on my bike.  Your guys are polite and professionals.  In NYC area, it is virtually impossible to find motorcycle service dealers provide such high quality services.  Your suspension makes me feel more comfortable, confident and safer in the worst traffic environment in Manhattan.  Every time I ride, I can feel the difference.  I always smile in the left corner right after the Lincoln tunnel from NYC.  Occasionally, I power-slide a rear tire toward the end of corner with confidence. 

Mike, Kathy, Don, Dan, Tony, Martin and all staff- Thank you very much!!!\

Hey Max, they deserve big rewards. 




From:       Rick--------

Sent:        Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Subject:    Long overdue testimonial


With the exception of the one guy who said you should charge me more and someone else who said no more feet peg dragging, I agree with all of the testimonials before mine!  The bike corners like it’s on rails!  If you don’t drag the foot pegs more now, you’re not cornering to the bike’s new potential!  The planted feeling gives me so much more confidence.  The wife and I made a road trip out of getting a Full Monty.  We rented a car and went to the Aquarium while the bike was getting worked on.  On the way home we took all the back roads to U.S. 129 before heading back home.  Within 5 minutes of being on the bike, the first words our of her mouth were “it doesn’t wobble anymore.”  I should’ve replaced the triple clamps too, but since “my” business has been experiencing sever inventory shortages, I’m better off with the money in my checking account for now.  Plus, it’s a good excuse to go back and make another mini-vacation out of visiting the Atlanta area and riding The Tail of the Dragon again.  Another regret, not having this done before I rode the Pacific coast the year before!  Don’t hesitate, get your suspension modified right away, otherwise when you finally experience it for yourself, you’ll regret waiting.  Thanks again.  See you “soon” for the triple clamps.


Rick K., Joliet, IL

From:       Brett ----

Sent:         Friday, November, 04, 2011


Subject:    Contact Us Submitted



All I can say is WOW!  My wife says “smooth as butter”.  Got the full monty with a new triple tree on my 2008 Goldwing.  Having a 29’ inseam make the bike a handful at slow speeds and the wobble was annoying at best.  Now the ride is incredible and my confidence at parking lot speeds has dramatically improved (my wife’s confidence as well).  No more wobble just strong and steady steering.  Wished I’d have done this right off the bat. 


Jim at Raceworx (in Alvarado, TX) did an excellent job and was very accommodating.  He answered any question and is a definite suspension specialist.  Turnaround in one day and let me tell you, what a difference a day can make!  Sounds like an infomercial but can’t help sing the praise of this Traxxion makeover.  Should have come from the factory this way.  Thanks Max for giving this sport bike guy an alternative. 


Brett --- OKC, OK



Product   Review

Traxxion Suspension System Installation

2001 Honda Goldwing ABS


July 10, 2010


It is commonly know that the Honda Goldwing suspension is inadequate almost right out of the box.  My first thought when riding my 2001 Goldwing after having a Traxxion suspension system installed as well as the All Balls tapered steering bearings was that it performed like a new bike.  This however would not be quite true because my bike when new never performed like it does now.  The famous Honda Gold Wing wobble does not exist anymore, small bumps have been reduced to a barely noticeable vibration on the handlebars and large unavoidable jolts no longer result in a spine jarring bottoming out but simply handle the shock better than on can reasonably expect short of avoiding it in the first place.  But this is only the tip of the iceberg; the cornering improvement is something that truly has to be experienced personally.  The bike just locks into the corner as though it were on a track giving you a real secure feeling all the way through.  This system, in all respects, has surpassed my wildest hopes and clearly is well worth the added expense, but then who can put a price on safety. 


The folks at Rocket Moto in New Hampshire, Dave Chesterley and Adam Schoolsky are not only trained and professional installers but treat your bike as though it were their own.  They even corrected some wiring trouble areas while they were in there and replaced the air filter, a service that was very much appreciated.  Workmanship of the kind the Rocket Moto supplies should be an industry standard, but is usually not.  I could not be more satisfied with the system and more especially the quality of workmanship done on my “baby” and have to rate them an honest “10”.


Ron ------

Cape Cod, MA


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


To: Mike Hardy


As a retired Professional Engineer (PE) and a long time motorcycle rider, I had determined recently that my 2004 Gold Wing Suspension System was in need of an upgrade.  I’m sure you know that PE’s don’t make spur of the moment decisions. 


So, I undertook a detailed research of all current manufactures motorcycle suspension upgrade systems.  This research also included seeking comments online and from acquaintances on their suspension system upgrades and any positive or negative comments on their decision.  I also took the opportunity to ride a Traxxion equipped Gold Wing at your facility. 


As a result of my research, I rode 450 miles from central Florida to Traxxion Dynamics to have the Traxxion Suspension System install on my Gold Wing. 


Upon arrival at Traxxion Dynamics, you briefed me on the work to be accomplished.  Subsequently, my Gold Wing was moved to the work area for installation of the Traxxion Suspension System.  During the installation, I had the opportunity to review the work area, watch the disassembly/reassembly of the motorcycle, storage of the body panels & components removed from the motorcycle, as well as the detail and care the technician exhibited in performing his work.  It all can be summed up in one word – PROFESSIONAL.


The obvious question is “Did I notice any improvement on the way home.”

The first thing, I noticed was that the motorcycle tracked straight and true.  Even better, then when it was new.  The second thing was the realization of how smooth the ride was over the highway and country road imperfections.  The motorcycle felt steady and rock solid.  Also gone were the jarring effect of the suspension suddenly compressing and rebounding over road imperfections.  I should note that this occurred within the last few thousand miles of tire tread life.  I can’t wait to have new tires mounted and see what additional improvements are found.  We are now looking forward to our Fall Color Leaf Ride into Georgia and North Carolina in a few weeks. 


In summary, was it worth it – your darn right it was!


I’m a fully satisfied Traxxion customer, 


Bill -------

Summerfield, FL



From:      Ellie-----------

Sent:       Thursday, October 08, 2009

To:          Dan Anderson

Subject:   Traxxion ‘Full monty’ installed


WOW, wow, wow – I am riding a different Goldwing!!! I cannot believe the difference this kit has made to the bike.  It feels planted, solid, precise, easy to maneuver (especially at low speeds) firm, vibration free & most of all COMFORTABLE.  No more nasty shocks up my back, pothole surprises or confused & flighty front end.  This morning, I was carving through long sweepers that previously felt dangerous on the wing.  Now it holds its line perfectly.  No over steer or bounciness.  Amazing!


I really can’t put into words how the Traxxion kit has transformed the bike.  I wish I would have done this upgrade at he very beginning.  But I guess now I appreciate my “new” ride even more.  I took great….immense…pleasure throwing my OEM stock suspension parts into the garbage – exactly where they belong. 


A big thanks to everyone that helped me import & install this kit.  I have left reviews on the wing stuff products pages. 


Kind Regards,





Found on the GL1800 Board


“Traxxion guts the forks and builds them with their parts the way God wanted”



From:       Peter Sever

Sent:        Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Subject:   Round the world on Traxxion Dynamics


Greetings from Thailand to Traxxion owners

We are the first to go round-the-world on a GL1800 and have your FABULOUS front end.  It’s the only significant modification on the bike.  It’s behaving like a charm.  Zero major issues after almost 55,000 km and pretty rough riding.  Fully Laden.  All climates from just over freezing to 115 F Wish I had the Traxxion rear end too!  Big Mistake I didn’t get it at home.  See my web site for your product review.  Free & truthful on-the-road advertising for you.  You can search the entire web site.  or*%20BIKE%20TECH%20STUFF

If you wish, I’m willing to cooperate on an endorsement this has been a TORTURE TEST of your front end.  Love it, swear by it.  Maybe you can link to my website---no money involved.  I link to yours several times.  Also I am interested if there is any way we can pre-assemble and install your rear end suspension far away from home.  Would do it in either Indonesia or in Australia…

Email reaches me….

THANKS FOR A GREAT PRODUCT and two great installers Paul Hilliard and Marc Connely. 

  • Peter ----- (AKA Wheezy Rider)  



Date:     Sun, 12, April 2009

From:    malmon

Subject: Feedback from my visit





I had the full Traxxion package installed on a 2001 Goldwing on Fri, April 10, 2009.  Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the result.  I made the following post on the GL1800 Riders Forum. 


“Had the Traxxion full package installed on Fri, April 10.  Rode the bike to Woodstock, GA (the home of Traxxion Dynamics) The install took about 5 hours as promised.  My bike is a 01 with 64k miles.  I have done a lot of two up riding and pulled a trailer, so the suspension had seen quite a bit of heavy use.  The handling and comfort of the bike had deteriorated to the point, where I almost dreaded getting on the bike. 


The results of the Traxxion system are fantastic.  The handling and comfort have returned to a like new condition, if not better.  I put a new set of Bridgestone’s on the bike just before the Traxxion install and now the bike rides like it locked on rails.  It is stable, smooth, inspires confidence in curves and most importantly made my co-rider much happier with the comfort on the back.  My passenger is hard to please when it comes to aftermarket accessories; she thinks most are a waste of money.  Needless to say I was pleased when she said she could tell a major difference with the new suspension. 


Your employees take good care of the customers even when you are away.  My experience at your shop was great. 


Thanks again.



From: Chet -----------

Sent: Friday, September 12, 2008

To: Traxxion Information

Subject: 2002 Goldwing



Please pass along my sincerest “Thanks!” to everyone on your team.  The ride home was a dream!  I’m a true believer in your Traxxion Edition—what a vast improvement from my 52k worn system.  I can’t wait to take my bride on a ride and see what see thinks.  The improvement should be even more evident from her “back seat” location (I hope)


Thanks for your hospitality, the use of your Traxxion Demo Goldwing and the personal tour.  You guys even went so far as to have the bike ready when you said it would be—Geez, that’s not usually how it goes here in the south. 


Traxxion Dynamics is a “First Class” operation and I’m truly grateful that I live close enough to have experienced it firsthand.





From:     Perry--------

Sent:      Friday, August 01, 2008


Subject:  Product Feedback


I did a complete suspension upgrade at your facility about ten days ago, on my brand new week old 2008 GW.  Your staff called it the Full Monty.  The before and after results were amazing.  You would have to be stone dead not to feel the transformation; I have always had Ohiln’s on almost all my m/c’s.  It was Ohlin’s that directed me to your company, as they had nothing to offer for a GW.  Your staff was very helpful and put up with all my questions during my suspension upgrade search.  With 40 plus years of m/c ownership and only 400 miles on the new GW, I thought I had made a huge mistake with the GW because of its awful stock suspension.  Matching the 1835 cc power plant to a quality and better matched suspension has set me up for the perfect touring bike. 

I know I am not telling you anything you do not already know, but your product is outstanding and well above your nearest competitor. 

Perry R

From:      Tom ---------

Sent:        Wednesday, March 12, 2008




…Last summer on a 4,500 mile trip the front end probably saved my wife and I from going down at 65 mph pulling an escapade trailer going over the Ohio River on the way back from the Honda Homecoming.  I large rock appeared from beneath a truck in front of me and I barely had time to swerve, hit it with a glancing blow, missed my rear tire and punched a huge hole in the bottom of my trailer.  When I got off the bridge and could inspect the front end, the rim was peeled back from the tire but no blow out or loss of control.  The rock was about 6 inches high, 10 inches deep and a foot wide.  You can pass that on to those people who question whether the investment is worth it.  I can testify it is.  Could have been very messy going down in traffic on that bridge. 


Tom F.

Kernersville, NC



From:     Bruce --------

Sent:       Friday, March 14, 2008


Subject:  Traxxion Dynamics




I can’t thank you, Dan and Mike enough for making my visit a wonderful experience, even though my pockets are a bit lighter.  My experience coming home was an enlightenment.  Traxxion managed to take my $20,000 motorcycle that I really was unhappy with and make it into what Honda should be producing to begin with.  You could not smack the smile from my face.  One of the first things I notice was just how stable it was when meeting an 18 wheeler head-on going down a 2 lane road.  Did not even think about that.  The wing corners like “nobody’s business.”  Leaning in turns it “rolls” around the tires nicely.  Braking really hard from a high speed is solid as a rock.  The rear shock works like a spring with a shock and not like a spring.  Would I buy it again – you bet.  Would I make my family starve to pay for it? Well I would make them eat PB& J sandwiches for a while.  Again thank you very much.  PS Tell Mike to cover the dash of the caddy. 


From:     Richard ----

Sent:       Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Subject:   My New Traxxion Suspension


Hi Karen,


I got your message asking how everything was going with my new Traxxion Suspension.  My answer is great.  I love the ride and my Wing now sticks like glue to the road.  It took me a few days to acclimate myself to the new suspension and I had some tire pressure issues to get out of the way.  Now however, my typical reaction is Love it, Love it, Love it.  My joy doesn’t stop at this point.  Just the other day I had a passenger for the first time on the new suspension.  The handling of the bike was unbelievable.  Even though the passenger weight of 140 lbs, the bike handled as if I was the only one on.  Normally with two-up the bike would bottom out and be like jelly in the turns and very unstable at slow speeds.  But Traxxion Suspension, it was rally fun to ride two-up. 

Thanks for calling and checking on me.  It was really great to meet you and all the rest of the staff.   Please say hello to everyone for me.  I will see you in abut two years when it is time to do the maintenance on the forks. 

Rick Y

Collierville, TN



From:      Buddy --------

Sent:       Tuesday, July 01, 2008




Sorry we weren’t home to get your phone call last week.  We were on a 4800 mile trip to Colorado, Yellowstone, and Mt. Rushmore.  We just got home. 


The trike performed flawlessly!  Several times on the trip my wife thanked me for getting the Traxxion suspension.  She said the ride is great!  While traveling on Interstate 90 in Wyoming and South Dakota, the three couples traveling with us, two on 1800 bikes and one on an 1800 trike, complained more than once about the quality of the road surface and the harshness of the ride.  My wife and I only whispered about how good our bike rode.  We were never the first ones to ask for a break or suggest we stop for the night. 


There were two occasions when I missed the anti-dive.  For normal stopping, I use the foot brake only, but for panic stops when pulling my trailer, I get on the hand brake as soon as possible.  During the two panic stops on the trip, I got on the hand brake and experienced the front end diving very abruptly.  I maintained full control, but was shocked at how low the front end would dive.  I don’t consider this as a problem, but rather something that will require some getting used to. 

WE are very pleased with our Traxxion Suspension and will never have another Goldwing without it!


Buddy H



Forwarded email from Peter----to Paul to Mike…


Hi Paul,


...Anyhow so far at 22,000km---arrived in UK with 12,500 km so after 6 wks we are not iron butt riding but doing about 3-8 hrs a day so slowly most part letting GPS take us to some obscure destination thru coolest back roads, very little freeway.  Some of: UK, Scotland, Belgium, France, German Black Forrest, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Czech…..

Wanted you (and Marc Connely & Traxxion guys if you want) TO know---LOVE the suspension.  Truly.  3rd GW and by far best handling.  No hype it’s fabulous.  Damn near perfect.  This big fat bike handles beyond what any loaded Wing has a right to handle.  I have the uncuttable big UK chain (20lbs) & bike cover on a trailer hitch platform way aft you saw, make that 30 lbs in all plus a loaded rain gear bag on the trunk to maybe 20 lbs plus a trunk bag fully loaded with clothes and my mac laptop maybe 40 lbs plus two side bags loaded maybe 25 lbs each plus Thai (100 lbs dripping wet) and me (200 lb dry) guessing 1300 lb in all and the bike handles like a bloody charm. 


I have taken this loaded beast on roads that are intended for off-road knobby bikes or AWD—not kidding.  I’m taking wet muddy 5’ diameter deep holes you must avoid, weaving between closely spaced potholes for miles, nasty ruts with grass in middle of the mud-gravel one-car track, major gravel, 2”-3” rocks, road collapse at one point 2’ drop, crazy curves & twists, insane switchbacks, steep steep drop-offs, logs lying on the road, cobblestones …. etc etc. Some of the scariest rides ever….Never even had to put my feet down, bike was stable and straight and behaved perfectly.  GL1800 with Axxion made it zero issues---except weight of course. 



Remember I’m a 62 yr old guy who has ridden Africa on BMW R50 when he was 22…I know bad roads more than most.  I circumnavigated Sahara and rest of Africa in a VW Combi.  I have had 20 bikes from Bimmers to Hondas galore.  SO I’m not just singing from an owner’s manual. 


100% sure old Honda suspension I’d lost control a few times at low speeds and horrid gravel paths, wobbly steering would have been chrome-scratch time…. Axxion front end is the winner among the add-ons.


Thanks to you & marc you guys did a great job.  I’m willing to be a touring testimonial for Axxion if you and they want.  Am putting it to the test for real.  On bad roads and superb both.  Let’s hope next 8-9 months goes as well as 1st 6 weeks…lets see how we do in Turkey & Middle East…


Best Regards,