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Check out these testimonials from our Harley-Davidson Customers!


September 20, 2006

Dear Max,

I wanted to write you and comment personally on the modification that your firm, Traxxion Dynamics, performed on my 2006 Harley Davidson Street glide.


The short report is that I have been making modifications to motorcycles since the late 1960’s: mostly to Harley Davidson’s.  The modifications have been from mild to wild, form horsepower to handle bars.

I feel that the Traxxion Dynamics front suspension modification is the single most impressive results I have ever experienced.  I have had a chance to ride the bike in various conditions: one up and with a passenger and I have been completely impressed with all the aspects of the handling. 


As you may recall the folks at Killer Creek Harley Davidson did their magic on the bike prior to delivering it to me.  The bike boasts 112 horsepower and approximately 120 lbs. of torque.  It is a reliable and exciting machine.   

Your suspension upgrade has truly finished it off-the ride, the handling and the predictability are far beyond my expectations. 

At highway speeds (even a bit above) the bike is incredibly stable.  It turns in much quicker with minimal effort and probably most noticeable the performance under braking is superb. 

A good ride in the North Georgia Mountains gave ample opportunity to evaluate the overall performance.  The bike never felt squishy or unstable even during mid-corner corrections. 

I have and will continue to recommend you and the Traxxion Dynamics system to anyone riding a Harley Davidson.  AND, the ever annoying helmet bumps that plaques your passenger is all but completely eliminated!


I am extremely happy with what you did with my GSXR track bike and I am ecstatic with the results you delivered on my Street Glide. 


Thanks and Good luck







I brought my 2007 HD Screaming Eagle Ultra to you at Traxxion Dynamics shop on September 7th of this year.   I had the AK-20 front suspension and Bitubo rear shocks installed.  First off I’d like to say all of the staff was very friendly and accommodating.  Everyone there was very professional. 


After I left on the bike I could tell a difference in the feel before even leaving the parking lot. I do have to admit after a few miles I was wondering if it was worth the expense.  The more I ride it, the more I expect it to respond correctly.  It really hit me after getting on another Ultra with the standard suspension just how sloppy it actually is.  After almost 2 months with his frontend, I honestly have to say this is the best money I’ve ever spent on this bike.  I’m recommending it to everyone I meet. 


You guys installed and set up the bitubos for me while I was there.  Since then, I’ve ridden 4-500 miles, mostly two up.  While they were much stiffer than I was used to, I’ve been VERY pleased with them.  Recently, I removed the tour pack (50 pounds) and rode 300 miles solo and w/o luggage.  It felt like I was going to burst a kidney.  This past weekend, I took the time to properly adjust the rear suspension.  You may know Chuck ____, who lives in Marietta GA.  I called him and got him to walk me through the proper procedures.  What a difference! It again rides like it is suppose to.  I simply need to do a few adjustments depending on the amount of weight I’m carrying. 


I’m VERY pleased with both products. 


Thank You. 




April 6, 2011

Dear Dan, and the Traxxion Dynamics Crew,

Having played with bikes and after market dealers for 35 years, I can truly appreciate stellar customer service such as yours.  Thank you very much for all the helpful options, patience and generosity I have consistently been given over the 5 years of doing business with you. 

Mahalo, Aloha and best fortunes to you,

Mark ------



From: Anton

Sent:   Friday, November 04, 2011

To:     Dan Anderson dan@traxxion.com


Cool. Thanks Dan!

I picked up my ride yesterday.  Very tasty! The improvement was immediately evident.  And, as I was cruising down Interstate 5 at 75mph with no jitter in the mirrors (I could actually see the traffic behind me in focus) the proof was clear (pardon the pun) I honestly can’t believe how the front end just eats up little bumps.  Ridiculous.  And, the slow (even little 5-10 mph) turns are so easy and are not so loaded with clunkiness and uncertainty.  In the sweepers that I encountered, I experienced only in my old 911.  Wonderful!!! And, John at JBJ did a great job for me.  I’m do glad to have found your business.  Have a good weekend. 




What the HELL did you guys do to my bike!?!

I’ve been riding Harley’s for 30 years and no other single modification I have ever done to any bike has been so great of an improvement.  I had my forks upgraded with stiffer springs and Race Tech emulators several years ago so I was not really expecting much of an improvement over that.  On my first ride, I could tell things were a lot different.  The bike had more ground clearance, I was not dragging my pegs through every corner, and it soaked every bump far better then before and completely cured the front end wobble I was having.  I was really surprised at how much of an improvement the AK-20’s made on my bike.  Simply awesome!!!


Wayne Howard

’99 H-D Heritage Softail Classic

Canton, GA  



From the CVO Website:



   Well, I’ve gotten 1,500 + miles under my belt with the Traxxion AK-20’s and now I’m ready to provide a general review of this top tier aftermarket front end cartridge system offered by Traxxion Dynamics for Harley Davidson motorcycles. 

 My install was done by the only Traxxion Dynamics authorized installer (I Think?) in the Northeast; Rocket Moto @ www.rocketmoto.com located in Hollis, New Hampshire-which is a short ride form Boston, MA.

My experience at Rocket Moto: Owner Adam and his wife are two of the most professional and friendly people you could ever meet.  Leading up to the install, Adam and his staff responded quickly to all of my emails and phone inquires I placed inquiring about their services and the Traxxion Ak-20 install.  Adam’s Knowledge and passion for his craft came through loud and clear as I asked my questions, which put any concerns I had about spending $1,400+ (parts and install) to rest.  It was refreshing to talk to someone who knows what they’re talking about and who can convey information in a clear and concise manner to their customer.  Rocket Moto was also very accommodation by allowing odd drop off and pock up times for my motorcycle.  For those interested in installing the Traxxion AK-20 on their Harley Touring and live in the Northeast or outside for that matter, I highly recommend Adam @ Rocket Moto.

   Adam mentioned one other important fact I want to share.  Invariably, with many new mechanical based products there is usually some sort of break-in period before said product performs at its optimum design.  So I asked Adam what that period was (in Miles) for the Traxxion Ak-20’s? He stated – there is no break-in period, the Traxxion Ak-20’s perform 100% once installed. 

Now for my initial riding experience after the Traxxion Ak-20’s was installed.  I left Rocket Moto around 9:00pm to motor home and when I sat on the bike, I knew something special was done.  Moving the handlebar left to right was more precise than it had been.  Turning the bike around to head out of the driveway was less strenuous and feathering first gear left smoother for some reason-quite possible a placebo moment.  Still in first gear, leaving the long driveway/ cul-de-sac area from Rocket Moto, the front end felt like I was riding on a Rubber Paved Road.   

For the next 1,500 + / -100 miles, I put my 2009 CVO Road Glide through its paces with the new Traxxion AK-20 front end leading the way.  Each time out, I would ride about 250-300 miles-checking for front fork oil leaks, listening for any new sound, feeling handlebar feedback and general motorcycle reaction to bumps and road irregularities.


Observations related to the 1,500 miles after returning home:

First observation; the CVO Road Glide always performed well in crosswinds and passing semi trucks on the highway.  I never thought the experience of traversing these roads conditions were problematic due to the frame mounted “Shark Nose” fairings ability to slice through the wind.  The Traxxion Ak-20 front end enhanced an already great attribute of the frame mounted fairing.  During my test period, I purposely sought out semi trucks on the road and rode in the rain with heavy winds (yeah, I know not safe-only did this once) and could not believe the improvement in stability the front end has. 

Second observation; for those in the know, owners of the Traxxion AK-20 cartridge system can make manual adjustments to the cartridges; i.e., turn left on the internal knobs and the cartridges get softer, turn right and the cartridges firm up.  Adam explained that the Traxxion AK-20’s offers a full 3 turns of adjustment.  He, (and I assume all) as a factory authorized    Traxxion AK-20 installer ser the cartridges midway of the total adjustment; 1 1/2  turns.  Adam showed me how I can get my index finger between the opening in the covers that enclose the forks and handlebar risers to make adjustments on the fly.  During test ride #2, I increased the damping on the cartridges by a mere quarter turn to the right.  My quarter turn adjustment firmed up the front end more than I expected.  For this test ride, the front end still exhibited the same premium characteristics it sis previously but now it felt more Ferrari like and less Mercedes like – if that makes sense.  When I made it home, I changed the settings back to the factory 1 ½ midway setting and all was back to normal. 

Third observation: Cornering felt more surefooted than in the past.  The bike was easier to lean into corners and straighten up when rolling on the throttle out of a turn.  The front tire felt planted to the pavement but didn’t communicate much through the handlebar.  This is the feeling of riding on a “Rubber Paved Road” I mentioned in the heading.  I don’t know how Traxxion Dynamics accomplished this but works and works well. 

Last Observation; there is nothing else to report other than I have ultimate compliance from the front end of my motorcycle. 

The issue now, I have to get the rear end into the same league as the front end.  After an extensive research, I have decided to ask Howard Messener of Motorcycle Metal to cook up some Ohlins 3-3 for me.  Once I receive them and get them installed, I will provide a write up on their suitability with the Traxxion AK-20’s. 

So there you have it – one man’s opinion of the Traxxion Dynamics AK-20 front – end suspension upgrade for Harley Touring bikes.  I’m extremely happy with my choice of the Traxxion AK-20’s and just as happy with Adam @ Rocket Moto as the authorized installer. 


Now time to ride the Rubber Paved Roads again!



I just wanted to take a minute and commend you and your team for the fine products and service experience I’ve had so far.  A few years ago, when my son bought his Ninja 600RR, he showed me your video and told me that you were the guy to deal with when it comes to suspension stuff. 

I bought a Buell 1125R last March that I have been using for track days (Jennings, so far) street riding, and drags.  I had your team do some various modifications on the suspension, including re-valving and springing the forks for track days and modifying my rear shock for drag racing.  I am amazed and grateful that I found your company.  

Dan Anderson is a great point man.  He has been patient and outgoing, even with all the newbie questions I’ve been hitting him with. He always is ready and able to help in all aspects.  I have never dealt with ANYBODY who is as customer focused and knowledgeable about business as Dan. 

The quality and workmanship of the services are outstanding.  Martin really knows his stuff and both modifications can be immediately “felt” even by a new guy like me.  I particularly appreciate the flexibility he has when it comes to even weird requests, like lowering mods, spring filaments, etc.

Again, kudos to you and your team for the fine offerings and customer service.  I look forward to dealing with you again in the future. 

I told Dan that I was going to be up your way from time to time in my training role, so perhaps I can get a grand tour of your facility in exchange for me buying you guy’s lunch. 

Also, I’m only ½ hour from Daytona, so maybe I’ll bump into you during Bike Week. 

Best Regards,


Orange City, FL