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Hydraulic Spring Perch by Hyperco/ICP

Hyperco, the world's leading racing spring manufacturer, in parneship with Indianapolis Competition Products, are pleased to announce the release of thier patent pending Hydraulic Spring Pearches; which are designed to almost completely eliminate the bending loads that coil springs exert on shock absorbers. The assembly allows the end coils of the spring to tilt(up to 4 degrees) as compressive loads are applied, and the hydraulic pressure centralizes the load around the centerline of the shock absorber. The result is that up to 96% of the bending load on the shock absorber is emlimated, which increases mid-corner grip. Units are currently available in two basic types "add-on" and full replacement for Penske Racing Shocks. The "add-on" style can be used with ANY existing shock absorber just by fitting the hydraulic spring perch between the existing spring perch and the spring, whereas the full-replacement style totally replaces the existing spring perch.

Manufacturer Part Number: HHSP
Stock # HHSP
Price: $184.95
Hydraulic Spring Perch by Hyperco/ICP
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