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Subject: Traxxion Review


My Overall review of Traxxion Dynamics is Top Notch people and customer service. I called a few other suspension places before I went with your company. Other said go with Ohlins it's the best but would it be best for me???? I called Traxxion Dynamics probably 3-4 times before I made my decision to go with your company. Each time I called I was welcomed with a friendly staff and knowledgeable people. Once Lee gave me a thorough description of my suspension on my 2015 CBR1000RR and how your? company could make it better I was convinced Traxxion Dynamics was the correct choice for me. I sent my suspension to you in late March and you guys promised me it back before my April 16th leave day. As expected your Team came through with every promise and it arrived today April 12th at 10:10am. You guys Rock and I will recommend all your suspension work to all of my rider friends.   Your New Customer for Life. Thank You All. JACK GRAVES

Subject: Re: Contact


OK   That is why I wanted to ask the suspension experts before I did anything stupid like spend days tearing my suspension apart.

I just want to say Traxxion Dynamics has some of the best customer service I have ever seen.  And knowledge of their products and industry.

I have heard nothing but good things about the company, in fact, I have a friend who owns a shop here in Memphis TN that knows the owner of Traxxion Dynamics and said he has known him since he was working out of a trailer in the early years.


Subject: Re: Suspension


Hi Dan,

This is all great news. My entire experience with Traxxion has been great from the very first call. I am super excited to know I got this bike with suspension all ready set up for my weight and for you to GIVE me a baseline.  Thank you again! Your philosophy of making long term customers will indeed happen on this side.

Though I don't believe I need a revolve or rebuild (yet) I will need a set screw for the preload ring on the 8983, a spanner that will work correctly for that shock, the set screw tool, and enough of the recommended fork oil for both forks. I will be ready place that order immediately after Christmas (maybe earlier depending on the cost)

I cant wait to ride this  bike and see how it compares to my old race bike. (05 r6  hyperpro shock stock forks)


From:            Ryan -------


Subject:        Thank You Again


Kathy, Dan & Martin,


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for getting my forks back to me before the weekend.  I was able to complete my 2 days of practice over this weekend before racing this coming weekend with much success!   I understand how swamped you guys are and I really appreciate the time you took to help me make my practice days!  Again, this is just another reason why I will always use and actively promote nothing but Traxxion products!




WERA Ex 577           

CCS Ex 577


From:        Wes ------


Subject:     Higher XR1200 forks Road America


Hi Max,


You might remember me from the momba law fox build with Mitch --- from a few years ago. Wanted to send a quick note letting you know how impressed I am by the XR1200 forks you set up with the gas cartridge kit for Shawn ------- at road America last weekend.  Honestly I thought it was a mistake swapping out the big piston forks we have been running all year.  We bolted your forks in and hardly touched a clicker all weekend (spent all of our time making the rear work better).  You could see the confidence Shawn had in the brakes and taking lines no one else could.  We led the race, went ½ second faster than #1 qualifier and finished .6 seconds off the leader at the line.   I fully credit Shawn’s hard riding and your forks for allowing us to run up front on such a fast rack.  Thanks again for your support.  I continue to be impresses by your products. 

Wes ------ XR1200

From:     Greg


Subject:  Feedback on 954 Front Forks




   Just thought I would drop a line or two and say thanks to the Traxxion crew for the outstanding set of forks you guys did on my ’02 CBR 954…In stock form that thing was horrible on the track.  Since getting the forks back and correctly setting up the rear end with an Ohlins I have spent two full days at Infineon raceway and 2 days at Thunderhill motorsports park thoroughly testing the limits of Bridgestone slicks, Dunlop slick and 208 Gp’s and Michelin M2 race tires.  The combination of your front end and the update rear has re-leaved a chassis that is rock solid and very confidence inspiring and combined with the very linear power delivery of the Honda engine has proven to be an extremely fast combination lap time wise…

   I’m going back to Thunderhill on March 25th and April 15th and I was wondering if you guys would mind sending out a couple of your black back- round, white lettered Traxxion stickers so I can give you guys some visibility…the stickers on the forks are not very visible behind the race body work…I just want to give credit where credit is due…My bike gets looked over pretty well while in the pits and when I’m asked how I manage to hustle my ‘liter” bike around so quickly, I always respond with the Traxxion explanation…(I always leave out that I learned to race on lightweight and 250 two strokes back East where the racing line is usually very narrow at most tracks…out there is traction everywhere!!!)..It seems that you guys are not as well known out here on the west coast.  Most people use GMD computrack in San Jose.  Honestly…that front end changed the bike completely and as much time as I have spent scratching around the club racing scene I have never had a track weapon like this one…Thank you very much!!!

   I have a friend that is roughly the same weight as myself and had GMD so the forks on his 954 and I can tell that after sampling his bike for 15 some odd laps at Infineon where you are always turning and there are two vicious braking areas I found his bike to be very good, bit it just did not give the same feedback.  We were both on 208’s and both employ an Ohlins rear shock set up identically to each other.  


Thanks again


Greg - - - -Manteca, CA



From:      Larry _ _ _ _


Subject:   AK-20 Fork Kit


I won the Traxxion Dynamics AK-20 Cartridge Kit as one on the door prizes at this year’s Deals Gap Convention.  As a lot of you guys know, some of my bikes are equipped with Full Ohlins front forks and I also have a few forks that have been modified from other companies.  I was anxious to get the Traxxion Dynamic kit for comparison.  The turnaround time for the kit was VERY fast and the hard part was me finding time to install it back on the bike.  Once installed, I took it for a pretty long ride through some of our great twisty roads here in WV.  The forks performed FLAWLESSLY, I was really impressed with the feedback and plushness of the new suspension.  The forks now have a SOLID feel, but not to harsh.  They were setup to my weight and riding ability.  I can’t be more pleased with the fork kit and will definitely be using them in some of my other bikes.  In all honesty, they are MUCH better than the bike I have with the Ohlins.  The reason behind this is, first, they are less than half the price of the Ohlins and second they are setup for me.  I can’t say enough how great this kit is and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone wanting a Fork Kit that can be used on the street or the track.  It really is the best of both worlds.  Whether you race full time, do track days, or just want the best forks for street riding.  The Axxion AK-20 cartridge kit from Traxxion Dynamics is hard to beat.  Thanks to Traxxion Dynamics for sponsoring the 2007 Deals Gap Convention and also for the best setup forks I have on any bike on mine…. J Thumbs up!


Larry - - - -


From:      Robert -------


Subject:   Traxxion Testimonial

I would like to take a moment to thank all the folks at Traxxion Dynamics for the work that they do.  I am the owner of a 1999 SV650 that had the stock forks and corresponding mushy handling.  After doing much research I decided to go with Traxxion and their SV650 Drop-in Kit.  While there are other alternatives involving drilling and brazing the existing damper rods, my belief is that it is better to go with a product engineered to perform correctly. 

All the parts that came with my kit are top quality, well-made and consistent.  This fact and Traxxion’s guidance made for a painless install that took less time than I expected.  I will admit, even after years of working on cars and motorcycles, the forks were a bit intimidating because of their importance to the basic safety of the motorcycle. 

I am lucky enough to live a few miles from the Traxxion facility and was given a guided tour by Dan when I went to pick up my parts.  Every inch of their building is spotless and organized.  From their machining equipment to their staff, every bit of their company is professional and confidence-inspiring. I am excited at the prospect of a new riding season on a motorcycle that handles better then new thanks to some simple, low cost parts; elbow grease and a great company to back it up. 



Robert -------


From:       Greg -------


Subject:    Fork Springs


To all of you at Traxxion,


I just wanted to say thanks for your help with getting my RC51 working the way I thought it would when I bought it new in 2000.  I bought a Penske 8981 shock from you earlier in the year and it works so well…just an unbelievable improvement from stock.  Just last week I received my .90 kg/mm fork springs that your tech helped me pick out.  I’ve installed them and now for the first time ever my front sag is where it should be (without the preload backed completely out).  I only weight 138 lbs. and those springs with 5 wt. fork oil are perfect for me on that bike.   I now have a street bike that’s compliant, firm and stable.  You combine that with its strong V-Twin motor and it makes my RC51 a wonderful street/sport bike.  Thank you all very much : )


Greg -----

State College, PA



From:     Joel -----

To:         Info Mailbox

Subject:  Thank you

Great work guys!!!!

You have my business next time I refresh my race suspension.  Everything felt great, performed perfectly and inspired confidence.  Expert middleweight SS 4th and Heavyweight SB 5th the first weekend. 

Your care and consideration was impressive as well.  All components were carefully packed, returned and set to the exact settings I specified.  Your information and advice has a noticeable impact and improved drive exiting turns. 

The largest impact was from your “Suspension for Mortals” DVD that I purchased last year.  That has been the key to dropping time.  I hope that more guys at my track don’t discover this.  My teammate is one of the top amateurs and is benefiting from my limited setup knowledge.  My novice guy will soon learn. 

I haven’t seen any Traxxion decals at my track.  Either there are guys sending work to you and leaving GMD stickers on as to not offend our local boys or they just don’t know you.  The GMD suspension guys up here are both great guys, but there may be some people looking for options.

Thanks again.


Joel ----- #35



Larry Denning Sets New Track Record at Talladega on 2002 R1


Copyright 2002, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc


By David Swarts


4&6 Racing’s Larry Denning used a 2002 Yamaha YZF-R1 to set a new official lap record at Talladega Gran Prix Raceway on Sunday, April 28th.  Denning’s new record for the counter-clockwise direction was certified by WERA officials at 0.58.97, and he set the record on DOT-labeled Pirelli tires.  Denning turned the lap while chasing leader Lee Acree in an A Superstock race but finished second behind Arclight Suzuki GSX-R750 rider. 


Denning ended the WERA weekend with two wins (Formula One, C Superbike) and two seconds (A Superstock, C Superstock) in Yamaha contingency races, plus a win in Saturday, April 27th’s Medium weight Solo 20, on his 2002-model Yamaha YZF-R1 and YZF-R6. 


“I didn’t have mush to say about the new R1 after the first two weekends,” said long-time Yamaha contingency chaser Denning, “But after Traxxion Dynamics helped me sort out the front end with springs and fork oil level, it’s now easier to ride fast than my R6.”


From:      Jamie ------


Subject:   Traxxion ROCKS!!!!!




   I just wanted to take a moment and drop you a line on what I had experienced about 3 weeks ago with Your Staff at Traxxion.  I had been called to go to a pop-up training in Atlanta.  I fingered I would take advantage of the situation and reached out to Dan Anderson ( a member of the TL Zone, a web group for TL owners & Traxxion employee) and see if I could meet with him and discuss using some Traxxion suspension items on my TLR. 

   Dan responded on my way down that he was available any day that week, and just let him know when I wanted to stop by the shop.  On the Friday that I had finished my training, I went over to Traxxion and saw Dan helping a customer on his Gold Wing.  I sat patiently in the office as other employees continually asked me if they could help me with anything.  I told them I was waiting for Dan.  Dan came in and gave me his full attention.  He showed me around the shop from front to back and introduced me to Martin.  We talked about the suspension project I was completing and it was as if I had everyone’s full attention as I was explaining what I wanted to do.  Unfortunately, Traxxion did not have the spacers that I needed, but did have the springs.  Dan rang up my sale and wished me well on my 10 hour drive home. 

   I know this may not sound like a big deal to you, but I work in a huge customer service industry, actually the hospitality industry to be exact.  I had just spent a week being inundated with Guest (customer) service training, and I came over to your business and I am BLOWN away with how well I was treated by EVERYONE.  I mean AMAZING!!!! Especially Dan and Martin.  They were over the top in showing everything that Traxxion has to offer.  I was truly impressed.  It was obvious in how proud they are to be working for you at Traxxion Dynamics.

   I really just wanted to let you know that you have a couple of top notch guys working for you.  They truly believe in what you are selling them and it shows in the way I was treated. 

   On of these days I may even force myself to drive back down just for the valving kit that I didn’t (and should have) buy just to be treated that well again.

   I wish you the best of luck in 2009; you guys deserve it with such an awesome team. 


Respectfully,  Jamie ------,  Woodbridge, VA

From:          Tom -------


Subject:       Tom SV650 Still Smiling



   Just wanted to say thanks again for the work you guys did on my bike getting it ready for the track.  I just finished my third track day, in the rain for a while and the bike worked great.  Why anyone would go to the track and try to go around it, as fast as they can, without having the suspension right, is beyond me. 

   I did my first track day the day after I picked up the bike form you.  A friend and I went to Talladega, he is on a 748, and I am on my SV.  After Sunday he took it to the Duc shop to hive it upgraded.  Mine never crossed my mind and I was able to work on improving my skills and not improving my bike. 

   I attached a link,  to photo from the track photographer from Sunday as a “photo is worth a thousand words” testimonial.  Second day on the bike, second day on the track and maybe the forth day on a motorcycle in 25 years.  Not fast, but happy.  There’s a shit eat’n grin under that helmet.  I didn’t know what was happening when my knee made contact with the track.   Never would have been possible without the work you guys did! Thank you. 

   Went to Talladega again this past Saturday, in the rain for a while.  The suspension performed fantastic.  They put me in the fastest Novice group and after a few introductory track sessions; the instructor lines us up, me behind, and then the other four.  After two laps it was just the four of us, the instructor, the SV, your suspension and me.  Everybody else was off the back.  He kept looking back and there we’d be.  We did an entire session playing follow the leader.  Got back to the classroom session and people were talking about having to back off, by our novice standards, because of the slick conditions, their bike moving around, the front end getting loose etc… I never noticed or experienced any of the shit they were talking about.  Your suspension tracked beautifully and not once did it feel like it was anywhere close to the limits of the suspension.  I about ran off the track a couple of times because I was about at my limit.

   Your suspension work is worth every penny and I wouldn’t do it any differently if I had to do it all over again. 


Thanks again,


Traxxion Dynamics AK-20 in the 2007 RI-Review


I just got my 2007 R1 forks upgraded by Traxxion Dynamics with their AK-20 drop in Cartridge kit.  This kit replaces the stock cartridge kit and it is a great enhancement over the stock suspension.  I have the kit in my 2006 R6 forks already but haven’t been able to upgrade the 2007 R1 until now.  So I have had a good opportunity to see how the stock suspension was and compare it to the upgrade. 


The stock suspension is actually pretty good on this bike, but I felt like I am at the level in my racing where I was beginning to need something a little better to continue to get faster.  Since I have the same kit in the 2006 R6 I know somewhat how it is and what to expect, although the R6 and R1 are definitely different bikes.   Racing both bikes, many times back to back I was really able to distinguish the differences in the front end.  The R6 I was beginning to notice how really well planted it was compared to the stock forks on the R1 (even with the upgraded springs in the R1).  I did have the R1 setup by Mike Fitzgerald aka Thermosman, and for stock it was working rather well, but you can only do so much with what you have.  The more I rode the two bikes back to back on the same track the more evident the differences were to me.  The R1 just didn’t have the “solid” feel that the R6 had.  It was nice and cush and soaked up the bumps well but the handling just wasn’t there.  Especially when it came to quick transitions.  It just seemed slow on the front end compared to the R6.  Now you can’t always compare two totally different bikes because different bikes have totally different handling characteristics no matter what suspension you have on them.  But you can get somewhat of a feel for just the forks.


 I didn’t have the extra cash earlier in the year to upgrade the forks anyway so I decided to just see how good I could ride the stock setup.  I am also a FIRM believer in that you need to learn and get to the point where you are out riding the stock suspension before you upgrade as well.  Or at least, get to the point where you are going to, not just notice an upgrade, but actually benefit from an upgrade before you go dropping a lot of money into aftermarket suspension on any bike.  Certain things are needed though from Day One, for instance…springs.  Most bikes don’t come with the correct springs for heavier riders.  The ’07 R1 comes with a spring rate right around 9.0 I am 190 lbs and that is more for a 150 lb guy.  I now have 1.0 springs in both my bikes.  I maybe could get away with .975 but I like mine a little stiff and I also brake really hard so 1.0 works well for me. 


Anyway, back to the AK-20’s, lol.  I was able to run the stock forks from December until now with the .975 springs and actually winning quite a few races on that setup.  So I wasn’t really thinking I needed an upgrade anytime soon.  But as the year has gone along and my speed has picked up I feel that the stock setup for me is just not “quick” enough for me to keep getting faster.  I felt as if it may be holding me back a bit.  Wera Cycle Jam at Road Atlanta was the turning point for me.  I really began to notice that for me the front end didn’t feel as solid as I needed it to, to run the lap times necessary for me to run up front, and I didn’t want to crash trying to override the bike.  SO following Cycle Jam at the end of June I contacted Traxxion.  I already have a great relationship with them because they were a HUGE support of the Convention this past year at Deal’s Gap by donating the GRAND PRIZE to one lucky member, a full re-worked set of forks including the AK-20’s, upgrade springs, install and shipping to and from for free! And having the AK20’s in my R6 and knowing how ell they work it was a no brainer to have them do my R1 Forks.  Plus it was going to work out really well because I had a 2 day track day control riding with coming up back in Road Atlanta at the end of the month so I could really test out the new setup. 


So, after two days at Road Atlanta on the new forks all I can say is WOW!!!! Not only did I like them, I consistently ran a second faster lap times than in the race 3 weeks earlier!  Now, for me that is something because I never run the same lap times in practice that I do in races, much less faster!  And that was on the same tires at race pace J  There isn’t really just a dramatic difference, which is a good thing.  It doesn’t surprise you all of a sudden.  But what you notice is that it is solid and planted.  You can push harder and turn faster and the forks react with no problem.  The stock setup would want to lag behind, even with lots of adjustments to make it better.  The AK-20’s just allowed me to push the bike how I wanted to push it and not worry about the front end.  I feel like I got it setup pretty good but I don’t think it is perfect.  With all the adjustments of the 07 R1 Forks you can really get it dialed in but it also takes some time.  The AK-20’s help because dialing it in is easier because even small adjustments are noticed so you know if it works or not right away. 


I really look forward to my next race on the R1 now with the new setup.  It should be really fun!  IF you are thinking about upgrading suspension I highly recommend this upgrade.  I don’t think you will find more bang for you buck than this.  Power is great and all but without control you are not going to be able to increase lap times over a second per lap!  This upgrade is obviously going to be great for track day guys and racers but it will also be a great upgrade for street guys as well that want to do some spirited riding on their favorite twisties and such.  Having a bike that soaks up the bumps and is planted so well will definitely be safer as well. 


Now, one of these days I can get my motor worked on and really get fast! J


Btw, I am still running the stock rear shock on both my 2006 R6 and 2007 R1.  They are working good for me currently but I have a feeling it won’t be too long before I start feeling like I am running out of adjustments on them as well.  IF and when I do I will have to give Traxxion Dynamics another call, I hear they have something in the works for their own shocks!  IF I so something I will be sure to report it back to you guys for sure.  J


For more info on Traxxion check them out at and shoot them an email.  Max is the owner and a really cool guy.  Mike is the manager and also super helpful!  And they all really know their stuff there!



Wera #570 Novice




From:      Joe

Sent:        Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To:          Info Mailbox

Subject:   THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! MIKE etal


Mike …and…crew…


I have wanted to thank you with performance, to show the world that you folks make a difference to people like us….


YOUR suspension expertise helped us become the Worlds Fastest Sit on Bike…..Sat September 19th, we average 272.610 mph for the entire middle mile at Bonneville… this is not the peak speed, the average over that mile…had to abort the last mile and likely part of the 272 mile d/t to some handling /aero issues which we are continuing to battle…this has made entities around the world buzzing…….as it is nearly 10 mph faster than anyone ever, on a sit on bike, of ANY displacement…on any venue …asphalt, pavement etc… (which usually only has a timing trap of 60 to 120 ft, we average the speed for 5280ft…and on salt)  …and with 998cc…of 1988 technology…..some pics attached…will likely send more if you would like….


Joe ---

Hermosa, SD


Ps We would have proudly worn your shirts at the event, had they arrived earlier. J


From:     Amrit

Sent:      Monday, May 31, 2010

To:         Dan

Subject:  2007 r1 “Track Weapon Pack”


Hi Dan,


How you doing, I have installed the Ak-20 and the bitubo on the rex and took it for a ride yesterday its amazing that out of the box it was almost spot-on after tweaking it a bit the bike transformed from a bucking kangaroo to a lethal weapon where now I can wind the throttle to the pin and keep all that power under control to the point that I am even considering tracking it (and scare some people in the process ; ) all in all GOOD JOB TO THE ENTIRE TEAM YOU GUYS THERE SURELY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.  I will be back for more in the future, and if anybody at the track asks me how the hell do you ride that thing like that would surely give them the details. 

Thanks again,


Another Highly Satisfied Customer J