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What's New!?!

2016 ZX10R Upgrades!

Spring Kits, Valving Upgrades, AK-20 Cartridge Kits, and AK-GAS Cartridge kits now Available! 

  • Spring Kits are $130 and include Springs and Spacers.
  • Valving Upgrade is $300, forks MUST be sent to Traxxion Dynamics.
  • AK-20 Cartridges are $1099.95 plus Installation $250.  Forks MUST be sent to Traxxion Dynamics.
  • AK-GAS Cartridges are $1999.95 plus Installation $250, forks MUST be sent to Traxxion Dynamics.



Our Innovation Never Stops!


At Traxxion Dynamics, we perform racing upgrades on motorcycle suspension components for gran prix, road racing, track day, minigp racing, and street motorcycles. We strive to provide the optimum suspension system available to each customer within his budget. We realize that everyone can't ride on 'factory' suspension. Our goal is to make you feel like you are. We do everything from complete suspension packages to something as simple as a fork seal replacement. We will do whatever we can to see that you get around the track faster than you ever have before.