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SV 650 "Drop-In" Damper and Fork Spring Kit

Price: $349.95
Manufacturer: Traxxion Dynamics
Manufacturer Part No: SVDR

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Check out our SV650 "Drop In" Damper Rod and Fork Spring Kit! It comes with two precision CNC machined damper rods, and have all of the normally tedious drilling, deburring, and braizing done! Included in the kit is a pair of 4101 RT Emulators, that mate perfectly to the rods with no further machine work required! With these rods, you can do an SV fork upgrade in a fraction of the time it used to take. High quality Traxxion Dynamics Fork Springs tailored to your weight and intended use are included as well. They are available for the 99-02 KYB fork, and the 03-08, and 09 Showa forks.  Please note the '04 - '08 SV650 uses a different Top-Out spring kit, FEK-4.  This item will need to be added to your order.
"Max, I put in both mods I got from your outfit. What a HUGE difference. The bike actually feels planted on the road now. Turn-ins are a lot crisper, and very very predictable. I just wish the bike came like this!"
Thanks Again,
Mark Landy

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