Shock Preload Collar, TTX - Traxxion Dynamics

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Shock Preload Collar, TTX

Traxxion Dynamics Preload Collars are a handy upgrade that eliminates the old-fashioned spanner-style preload collars that have led to thousands and thousands of bloodied knuckles over the decades! These CNC-machined collars are made of aluminum for lighter weight, and anodized for corrosion protection and aesthetic appeal. These collars have twice as many holes as a stock Penske collar to make adjustment in tight places simple. Collars are available for Fox TC-R, Penske, Ohlins, and some Ducati model shocks. 

One Preload Adjuster stick is included with each collar.

The Traxxion Collar can be used to eliminate the unnecessary hydraulic adjuster that many Ohlins shocks come with. The Ohlins hydraulic collar is usually full of air when delivered, and offers little to no adjustment range. Also, you will have to have a spring compressor to change the spring on an Ohlins shock equipped with this device. Add in the fact that the hoses get ripped in half in a bad crash, and you can see why a simple pull-type preload collar is just as fast to use, failure proof, and crash proof.


Manufacturer Part Number: PC-TTX
Stock # PC-TTX
Price: $39.95
Shock Preload Collar, TTX
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