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Steel Braided Line - GL1800 Preload Adjuster

A common problem on the GL1800 is air gets in the line for the hydraulic preload adjuster. So we recommend bleeding the preload adjuster and topping it off with fresh oil plus installing our new Steel Braided Line. The steel braided line replaces the poor quality OEM plastic line. The OEM line tends to well over time which allows air in the system. With our steel braided line the system will be sealed much better very similar to steel braided lines in a brake system.
Manufacturer Part Number: GL18-PAHL
Stock # GL18-PAHL
Price: $49.95
Steel Braided Line - GL1800 Preload Adjuster
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Great product to fix a known problem
Submitted by Don Traeger on
The GL 1800 Honda Goldwing as we all know at times is heavily loaded or overloaded! The strain on the shock hose along with deterioration with time can make the OEM hose swell and therefore diminishes the ability of the shock preload adjuster that is standard equipment on the GL 1800. The quality of this aftermarket replacement hose is all that can be expected and at a reasonable price! Consider upgrading to the Traxxion replacement shock also and be done with it!!