Street Bike Shop Services - Traxxion Dynamics

Street Bike Shop Services

Fork Services  
Install Gold Valve Cartridge Fork Emulators 200.00
Traxxion Damper Rod Kit installation and Fork Rebuild (Suggested Retail $175.00) 175.00
Traxxion Fork Preparation (Install Compression and Rebound Valves) (Suggested Retail $250) 250.00
Traxxion Race Fork Preparation for Super Moto ( includes revalving and lowering spacers) 300.00
Axxion Cartridge Kit Installation (Suggested Retail $200) 200.00
Axxion Cartridge Kit install BPF and other Models (Suggested Retail $250) 250.00
AK-20 Axxion Cartridge Service and Retrofit, Cartridges Only (Suggested Retail $100) 100.00
AK-20 Axxion Cartridge Service, Retrofit, Install and Fork Rebuild (Suggested Retail $250) 250.00
AK-GAS Cartridges Rebuild / Retrofit and Fork Rebuild (Suggested Retail $300) 300.00
AK-GAS Cartridges Only Service / Retrofit (Suggested Retail $200) 200.00
Fork Seal Replacement, Fork and Cartridge Rebuild (Suggested Retail $200) 200.00
Install Fork Springs, Make Spacers, off bike;  adjust price up as necessary for on bike installation. 85.00
Straighten Fork Tube (Suggested Retail $40.00 per Tube) 40.00
Remove and Replace Front End 100.00
Steering Damper Service  
Steering Damper Rebuild 75.00
Öhlins Steering Damper Rebuild with Pro Kit Upgrade (Suggested Retail $110) 110.00
Shock Services  
Shock Dyno Testing ($85.00/Hr.) 85.00
Shock Rebuild, Revalve and Dyno Testing, (Suggested retail $225.00) 225.00
Shock Rebuild and Dyno Testing (Suggested Retail $175) 175.00
Twin Bitubo Shock Rebuild (Includes GR4617 Bitubo Seal Heads) Suggested Retail $300 300.00
GL1800 Shock Rebuild, includes new seal head bearing assembly  (Suggested Retail $235) 235.00
Powdercoat Shock Spring (Suggested Retail $85) 85.00
Remove And Replace Shock (Most Models) 85.00
Remove And Replace Shock Spring/ Set Preload 20.00