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Sent: Wednesday, July 29, 2015 2:12 PM
Subject: Re: Contact


OK   That is why I wanted to ask the suspension experts before I did anything stupid like spend days tearing my suspension apart.

I just want to say Traxxion Dynamics has some of the best customer service I have ever seen.  And knowledge of their products and industry.

I have heard nothing but good things about the company, in fact, I have a friend who owns a shop here in Memphis TN that knows the owner of Traxxion Dynamics and said he has known him since he was working out of a trailer in the early years.


I just got back from a ride to test out the front forks on the Multistrada.  I rode about 40miles over roads I am very familiar with and know almost every bump by heart.  The new set up works noticeably better than what I had before.  My big complaint with the forks were that they always felt "choppy", like they never really soaked up the small square edged stuff and seemed to always be bouncing a bit off the bumps.  This was especially true when the forks were stock, but even after fitting the Race Tech gold valves and their springs, although better, the choppiness was still there.  Now, with the Traxxion Dynamics springs and valves that is completely gone.  The ride is very plush yet the feed back and control is as good as ever.  I can really feel the forks soaking up the bumps but all the chop and harshness is gone.  This is exactly what I was looking for.  I can't thank you guys enough.

Without any other guidelines as to the initial damping adjustments, I set my rebound at 6 clicks out from full in ( there are 18 clicks total) and my compression adjusters at 1 full turn out ( there are 2 1/4 turns total).  The only thing I havn't been able to check yet is the rider sag, but I have 22mm of free sag, so I'm probably close.  Everything felt so good during the test ride that I saw no reason to change anything.  I am completely satisfied with what you guys came up with for me.  I would definitely do it again.


Thanks again,


Karl Engellenner


Here is a excellent write up on a customer's Triumph Bonneville.  The Blog post includes great details and pictures of our services and products.


Subject: Penske
Happy new year Dan,
Finally got a chance to do some fine tuning on the new 8983.
I adjusted ride height one and a half turns out.
Spun the preload half a turn stiffer, Compression a half a turn softer, Rebound 4 clicks softer.
Took it out for a shake down today on the roughest road around here. You can see in the pic its a bugger.
Well all I can say is it was definitely worth $834 for the great ride. The Kawi shock did a pretty good job... but the Penske is exactly what I was looking for.
The bike is so planted every where I go. Fast or slow.
With the AK-20's up front and the Penske on the rear the balance is perfect and the bike is a total joy to ride.
Thanks again for working with me on this journey.

You guys are the best.

Best Regards,