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Rear Shock Absorber and Hose for GL1800 Goldwing by Traxxion Dynamics

Price: $599.95
Item Number: GL18-TPS
Manufacturer: Traxxion Dynamics
Manufacturer Part No: GL18-TPS


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It's not longer a secret... Traxxion Dynamics has redefined what a touring motorcycle suspension should be with their amazing product line!  Over millions of miles on masses of Wings... the opinion is virtually unanimous:  The Traxxion Dynamics suspension package for the Wing is the best money you could possilbly spend!!!

Improved Safety, Comfort, and Confidence while touring are 100% Guaranteed.  Ask anyone with our unique badges on their bikes.  In fact, ask the co-riders!  They always agree!

The Traxxion Dynamics Rear Shock Absorber works as a perfect match to the AK-20 Axxion Cartridge Kit for the front end. The damping and function of our new shock is based directly off of our highly successful O.E.M. Upgrade Shock. The feel will be identical, but the new shock eliminates the need for us to work on "core" components. It also will allow Wingers all over the world to have access to our amazing suspension kits! Countless hours of shock dynamometer testing were devoted to studying different valving and piston combinations for the GL1800, and further dynamic testing on the street and highway led us to a combination that we feel will provide exceptional feel, traction, and bump absorption.

Our new shock utilizes the stock remote preload adjuster, and with the help of a new and firmer spring provides a more effective range of load carrying capacity than the stock spring and shock could have ever hoped to. Each shock is shipped with the spring tailored to the weight and intended use of the rider and passenger.

Based on demand from Wing Owners, the New Traxxion GL1800 Shock has a unique length adjustment feature built in, which offers a small range of ride height adjustment. This feature will primarily be used by shorter riders who have a difficult time feeling balanced and secure on their Wing. The shock can be set to move the seat roughly 1/4" up or 1/2" down. Aggressive sport riders who like to cut through the twisties on their Wings will like the rear raised for sharper steering.

A common problem on the GL1800 is air in the system for the hydraulic preload adjuster. We recommend installing our new Steel Braided Line, filling the system with clean oil, and bleeding all the air out for maximum range of adjustment. The steel braided line replaces the rubber original equipment line. The OEM line tends to swell and get soft over time which can allow air into the system and will "soften" the spring preload setting. With our steel braided line the effect is similar to installing steel braided lines in a brake system, making it solid and unable to flex and expand. We can remove the preload adjuster from your stock shock "in house" at Traxxion, service it and install the Braided Stainless Hose, and then install everything on your new Traxxion Shock for an additional charge.  For do it yourselfers, we sell a handy spring compressor tool available from Progressive Suspension for that works really well.

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